It’s a store and so much more.


Urban Earth Garden Center is designed to respond to every kind of shopper and garden or outdoor enthusiast.

She has a flower garden and wants to add a very particular water feature. She just needs to know what fountains and ponds are available and how to maintain them.

He wants to turn his backyard into outdoor living space but doesn’t know what kind of materials he should use for his patio, walking path and fencing or what kind of furniture to acquire.

They have just bought a historic home and are interested in cobblestone edging for flower beds and outdoor lighting that will add to their home’s ambiance.

A young couple have never landscaped their yard and need someone to guide them through the steps, from landscape materials to plants to decorative gravel.

A woman with a substantial and well-maintained garden wants to find garden antiques to enhance her visitors’ experience and drops by to find out what items are available.

Another is looking for a garden club to join, or educational classes to attend.

Our store is unique in that all these customers and many more can find what they need or want at Urban Earth. Our store is indoors and it’s out-of-doors. We have packaged items and tons of raw materials for scooping into pickup trucks.  Come and browse or come with a single-minded purpose to get the potting soil you need for your container garden or to bring the hummingbirds back in the spring.

Urban Earth works for everybody.