the nursery



Our nursery helps any garden —

be it Zen or kitchen or patio style.

A commercial nursery is a place where plants are grown for sale, transplanting or, in some instances, experimentation. We consider our nursery the heart of the Urban Earth center.

You can walk through our greenhouses and find various annuals and perennials, shrubs, trees and seasonal flowers or ground covers. Perhaps you’re more inclined towards vegetable or herb gardens, or want a stand of prairie grasses or a plot of wildflowers, or just a green spot for bird watching and attracting butterflies. Maybe you want to help a youngster create a “fairy garden.” You may have a friend with a colorful bottle tree and are considering your own collection.

Nearby you can check out urns, pots, mulches, pine needles, natural fertilizers, even moss. The more elaborate gardens may require water plants and lilies, pumps, goldfish or pond fish and the medicines and chemicals for bacteria control.

Of course, gardeners must fend off weeds, vines, poison ivy and poison oak. We can help with that chore too.

Every garden has its own needs and every gardener a vision for his or her outdoor living space. That goes for amateur gardeners and master gardeners.

Whether you want to install an arbor, or find specimen plants, whether you need statuary or gazing globes, are looking for beneficial insects or what to keep the mosquitos at bay — come see us and our nurserymen and nurserywomen will do everything they can to nurse your dreams to reality.