the experience


This is one unique Midtown nursery.

Urban Earth’s name fits its surroundings perfectly.

The retail nursery center on Flicker Street is situated in a unique little neighborhood tucked between Chickasaw Gardens, the Fairgrounds, the historic districts of Cooper Young and Central Gardens, and just south and below the Union Avenue viaduct.

This new Midtown nursery is itself a garden, arranged in an attractive manner with shaded areas, stone patios, outdoor art, fountains, aquariums, trees, shrubs and flowers. Inside the store, shelves contain a wide variety of garden and yard horticulture supplies, bird seed and feeders, unusual outdoor décor and much more. Outside, lining the perimeter are industrial-sized storage receptacles of mulch, gravel and other landscape materials and products.

Urban Earth is brand new but feels like an old friend. Adding to the atmosphere, trains periodically run directly behind it. Can’t get more “Midtown” than that.

We can confidently say that you will not find another place quite like Urban Earth, even as it reminds many of our customers of another store and garden center now closed called Trees by Touliatos. Come in, look around and don’t be surprised by an instant sense of déjà vu.

It’s no accident that Urban Earth is a neighbor to — and the offspring of —Greg Touliatos & Associates, the established landscape design firm that has been located just down the street on Flicker since 1996. In fact, Urban Earth proprietors Greg and Carla Touliatos consider Urban Earth the perfect and complementary extension of that firm.