Great Gift Ideas from Urban Earth’s Manager!

Urban Earth is, first and foremost, a plant nursery, but our garden center also includes many unique items related to the gardening lifestyle.


Urban Earth provides free gift wrapping, to the extent the item is one that can be wrapped. We also have great gift bags!



There are more great gifts than could possibly be described in a single blog post, but here are just a few good choices:


Electronic Candles

When I first heard about the electronic candles, I pictured the ones I had seen at Wal Mart 30 years ago, terribly tacky things I could not imagine wanting to buy, much less sell to others. But, when I finally saw these in action, they took my breath away! The ivory candles are made of real wax and, when turned on, the flame is indistinguishable from the real thing. Then, if that wasn’t enough, they can be programmed to turn on at the same time every day and stay on for several hours before turning themselves off. And, not only that, they can be operated with a remote (sold separately for $9.99 but one remote can operate as many candles as you own). There are many options of sizes and finishes from which to choose, including:

Boxed pair of 2 inches x 4 inches candles in an ivory wax finish for $44.99

A 3 flame pillar 6 inches x 10 inches in an ivory wax finish for $139.99

A 3.5 inches x 5 inches in either ivory wax or or burlap wrapped wax for $40.00

Our electronic candles come in a variety of sizes and finishes and are easily wrapped! One remote ($9.99) will operate as many of them as you own. Some are even for outdoor use!

Boxed pair of 1 inch x 10 inches in an ivory wax finish, perfect for candle holders (which we also sell) on the Christmas dinner table $57.50

A 3 flame pillar 6 inches x 6 inches in ivory wax for $109.99

A 3.5 inch x 8 inch in silver finish for $57.50

A 3.5 inch x 9 inch in a waxed ivory finish for $60.00

We also have one really cool Aquaflame Outdoor Fountain Candle, 8.5 inch, with an included remote, for only $45.00 (a discontinued item)!

Traditional Wax Candles

But, if you don’t think the beneficiary of your Christmas largesse would not appreciate the convenience and modernity of electronic candles, we still carry the real thing, waxed works of art that are amazing! Among others, we have:

Volcanica handcrafted candles in two sizes for $17.00 and $42.00

Botanicals short scented candles in a variety of horticultural scents for $14.50

Garden Books

We have a variety of great gardening books but the one that no Memphis area home-owner or gardener should be without is The Mid-south Garden Guide for $23.99. Why buy a garden book that may or may not contain information accurate to Memphis? Written by locals for locals, this 500+ page treasure of information was originally written by Dr. Carolyn M. Kittle and published by the Memphis Garden Club in 1954. The seventh edition, published in 2007, has been poured over by local experts to bring it up-to-date and has beautiful photographs and illustrations. This is the book I have turned to repeatedly in my career in horticulture and it as an especially perfect gift for a first time Memphis home owner.

Garden Gloves

Our garden gloves are decidedly high end, not the kind you want to lose, and they make perfect gifts, the kind you might have your whole life. Here are a few that come in a variety of sizes:


Bionic Tough Pro Heavy Duty Gloves for Men $39.99

Bionic Relief Grip Women’s Gloves $39.99

Bionic Rose Gloves $49.99

Pink and Brown Garden Girl Gloves $18.99

Brown Garden Girl Premium Gloves with Touch Screen Feature $24.99


Garden Tools & Accessories

We carry all sorts of great tools, brands like Hisco, Classic, Fiskars, Corona, and Felco. A few great items that look great when the gardener in your family comes downstairs to see what Santa brought her are:

Fiskars Extendable Pruning Saw (extends from 3 feet to 8 feet) for $34.99

Hisco Garden Turning Fork (the same brand our landscape crews use) for $44.99

Brown Raised Metal Bed Kit (12 inches x 47 inches x 26 inches) for $99.99

Set of 10 Copper Plant Labels $11.99

Plankets for covering plants before frosts in two sizes, 10 feet diameter round for $17.95 and 10 feet x 20 feet rectangular, with stakes, for $24.99

Wind Chimes

We carry wind chimes from several different manufacturers, both ceramic and metal. Our largest are Corinthian Bells and Music of the Spheres. They are both top quality but the chimes by Music of the Spheres tend to be a little more expensive, the preferred brand of the musically inclined, because they are more precisely tuned. Here are just a few of what we have in stock:

Corinthian Bells Wind Chimes

Corinthian Bells in the 36 inch size for $94.99

Music of the Spheres Soprano $89.99

Music of the Spheres Mezzo $129.99

Music of the Spheres Alto $209.99

Valencia Fountain and Music of the Spheres Wind Chimes

Music of the Spheres Bass $599.99


Outdoor Garden Art

As a plant nursery, we naturally think your landscape and garden should be primarily filled with, well, plants. Yet, no landscape or garden is complete without non-plant elements, things like statuary, sculpture, fountains, outdoor furniture,and ponds. Here are just a few:

Cinderella Metal Garden Arch $499.99

Rain Chains $39.99

Lava Indoor/Outdoor Pillows $40.00

Vertical Wall Planters $39.99

Campania or Fiore Fountains, including the Valencia Fountain for $687.00 and the Gold Granite Table Top Fountain for $399.99

Bird baths of all types including a ceramic bird bath in a variety of colors for $139.99

Sitting Cat Statue $193.00

Small garden statuary

Cast Iron Rabbit $69.00

Trout Statue $62.00

Cut Steel Oil Drum Top Wall Hanging $99.00

Edison String Lights Multi-Colored or White $45.00

Children’s Items

(Not infrequently purchased by adults for adults)

When Greg and Carla Touliatos envisioned a garden center, they wanted children involved too, to pull them into the natural world in the hopes they will become gardeners as adults, rather than merely occupying them while their parents browse. In keeping with that vision, the store is stocked with a plethora of unusual items that appeal to kids of all ages, including miniature gardening and fairy gardening supplies, terrarium supplies, miniature garden tools, garden gloves for kids, and paleontology themed items:



Robotic T-Rex Kit $24.95

Dig-It-Up Dinosaur Eggs $24.95

Dig-It-Up T-Rex Kit $24.95

Dig-It-Up Triceratops Kit $24.95

Mindware Brainbox Science & Nature $14.99

Hanging Flying Baby Pteranodon for indoor ceilings or outdoor limbs or structures $369.99

Miniature Garden Sets of Various Types $44.99

Create Your Own Terrarium Kit $29.99

Home Decor and Hosting

We have many items for bringing the garden lifestyle indoors, just a few of which are:

Bee Box Lantern (perfect for holding electronic or traditional wax candles) $59.99

Brightly painted 2.1 Gallon Watering Can, excellently functioning but beautiful too as decor for $29.99

Botanicals Scented Room Mist Spray $12.50

Set of 20 Anne Griffin Correspondence Cards $36.99

Set of 6 Pet Refrigerator Magnets $22.99

Weems & Plath Storm Glass Set $179.99

2018 Master Gardener Calendar $15.00

Cherub Lamp $415.00

Doorknob and Faucet Handle Reusable Wine Corks of various types $31.00

Pig Head Wall Hanging $79.99

Large Distressed Zinc Vase, a perfect farm chic item for holding plant cuttings $16.95

Desktop Conant Thermometer $11.99

Soaps & Body Creams

Farm Soap $11.99

Toke Hemp & Hippy Sandalwood Body Cream $18.99

Little & Bonny Liquid Pump Hand Soap $21.95

Rad Soap Company Soaps of various types $7.99

Ouch Salve by Rad Soap Company $7.99


Pet Items

When you visit Urban Earth, always feel free to bring your well-behaved and leashed dog. We’ll have treats a fresh water bowl ready! And, of course, we wouldn’t want to leave your pets out in our gift items. So, here are just a few:

Purrfect Puppy Bug Relief Cream $12.00

Dirty Dog Bug Repellant Soap $10.99

Purrfect Puppy Hot Spot Soap $12.00

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