February Gardening Task List

February Gardening
Task List & Schedule

The Urban Earth Garden Center is very excited about spring 2019!
Our selection of garden gifts, pots, and plants will be better than ever before.
Our 2019 seminar/education schedule covers many popular subjects.

Please visit the Urban Earth as often as you can during the spring season.

Also, please tell your friends and family how wonderful our
garden center, seminars, community garden, and landscape services are!

February is an important month in your garden.
These tasks should be accomplished and we have all the products you will need:

1. Feed your landscape and garden! February is the best time to get this done.

We carry a 12-6-6 time release fertilizer in 4, 15- and 30-pound bags.
We carry a full organic line if you are eating the fruit, herbs, or vegetables.

2. Pre-emergent your flower beds and lawn (assuming a lawn company is not treating it).

We carry a superior type which is better than Preen.

3. Cut back all of your dormant perennials.

New growth will be emerging soon.

4. Treat CMBS. If you had Crepe Myrtle Bark Scale last year, treat with systemic insecticide via a soil drench.

The disease/pest did not go away over the winter, and the products takes at least 30 days to get in the plants system.

5. Pruning – If you plan to rehabilitate/ rejuvenate prune any plants which are overgrown, an early spring cut back is highly recommended.

Cut back roses.

6. Moles or Voles – If you have had moles or voles in your lawn or beds, treat now with Sevin Insect granules.

7. If you need a landscape consultation email:

80 Flicker Street – Memphis, TN 38104 – 901-323-0031

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